My Good Deed Of The Day — Alpaca ‘Rescue’ In Wolfeboro, July 8, 2017

by Anura Guruge

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

This was at the ‘Wolfeboro Craft Fair’, at around 1:15pm, on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at the height of the quite powerful storm that rolled through. [That one picture, taken early on doesn’t tell the full story of the severity of that storm that lasted about 40 minutes.]

We were staying dry inside one of the three large tents when suddenly these two kids (in their late teens I reckon) burst in with two very soaked and pitifully bleating alpacas. It was quite dramatic and you could tell, immediately, that the alpacas were in distress. One flopped onto the ground the refused to budge. They were not happy.

Appears that the tent that they were under collapsed on top of the two alpacas which scared them no end — on top of the lightning, thunder and heavy rain. The ‘boy’ in charge (in the blue T-shirt in the above pictures) was ‘upset’ and doing his best to take good care of the alpacas and his drenched female helper. He was continually running out, into the storm, back to his mangled tent to retrieve sweatshirts for his companion, hay for the alpacas and towels.

He needed someone to hold onto the two alpacas while he rushed out and his helper was trying to get into her sweatshirt.

That is where I came in. He gave me very specific instructions that I must hold tight — hence why the reins are wrapped around my hand. They didn’t give me any trouble. Good as gold. They were scared. Reminded me of doctors in distress. Teischan took the three pictures of me with my Sony a6500. She did a good job.

When the rain abated they took them out and put them in a portable pen next to the collapsed tent. They were still soaked and not happy.

They took them home, to Belmont, in a trailer shortly after they managed to untangle and dismantle the tent. So, these two pictures are after the storm and you can see what happened to the tent. Despite the heavy winds and rain this was the only tent that collapsed. Others leaked, swayed and looked all set to get blown away but, in the end, stood their ground.

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by Anura Guruge

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