The Fairy Houses Of ‘Monhegan Island’, Maine.

by Anura Guruge

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Monhegan Island Fairy House Anura Guruge July 2017 Sony a6500

We did not know about these amazingly creative and cute Fairy Houses until we serendipitously stumbled upon them — quite literally. Having hiked the west side of Monhegan Island we were heading back to the ‘Island Inn‘ (where we were staying) via the ‘Cathedral Woods‘ trail. See map below.

The first one we noticed was a wooden wreath-like structure, at eye-level, mounted on a tree — in what was a natural clearing in the woods. Then we started to realize that we were surrounded by Fairy Houses of all shapes, sizes and creativity. All along the trail for about 100 yards, on both sides and some set well back from the trail. There were even some built along a small stream. Very clever. Nice touch.

I, however, immediately knew that the ‘guardians’ of this MAGICAL island (viz. the ‘Monhegan Associates‘) would not be too happy about this proliferation of human construction. On my many trips to Acadia I had learned that building of stone cairns, a popular pastime for some, is significantly frowned upon (and could even land you in ‘trouble’ if you got caught). I was RIGHT in my contention. ‘They’ would rather that no Fairy Houses were built along the trails — BUT to be magnanimous it has been decided that IF they are to be built it has to be JUST ON that stretch of the ‘Cathedral Woods’ trail.

It appears that I have 117 pictures (at least) of the Fairy Houses of Monhegan Island! See below. I have only posted 30 above. So, I still have 87 more left. I will try and do another post soon. So much more I want to post about this island.

Monhegan Island Fairy House trail map Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and study. From ‘Monhegan Associates’. Yes, I did BUY a map. For $1 it was the DEAL of the century.

The 117 pictures I have of 
the Fairy Houses of Monhegan Island.

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Fairy Houses Monhegan Island Anura Guruge 2017 Sony a6500

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by Anura Guruge

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