‘Huggins Fair 2017′, Wolfeboro, N.H. — Saturday Evening, August 5, During The Storm.

by Anura Guruge

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rainbow Wolfeboro Huggins Fair New Hampshire Anura Guruge Sony a7II

I have been dutifully going to the ‘Huggins Fair’ — now called the ‘Street Fair’ — bar a few years at most, over the last 25-years. However my days of going on both days, Friday & Saturday, and possibly multiple times a day, are long gone. Basically there is nothing we really need at the Fair. We just go for the fun of being there and to see if there are any crazy bargains to be had. So over the last few years we have fallen into the habit of going late on Saturday evening and staying there till the end. It can be a lot of fun and that is when the bargains kick-in.

We knew about the storm — since Friday. But we decided to go anyway. The storm was spectacular. We didn’t get wet. We took shelter in the “Men’s White Elephant” tent.

Once the storm passed there was a full rainbow and the sun came out in force. The ground was soggy, but it was OK.

We had fun. Didn’t get much — at all, at all. I picked up about 8 books and that, to I, is always a thrill. That is one of my main rationales for going. To see if I can find a few good books. So another 2017 event is done for the year. The next one will be a year from now.

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by Anura Guruge

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