‘Red Arrow Diner’, Concord, NH — Should Get Better With Time.

by Anura Guruge

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We had lunch at the recently opened ‘Red Arrow Diner‘, on Loudon Road, in Concord, New Hampshire, around 1:45pm on Wednesday, august 23, 2017.

It was ‘OK’ and overall it was a pleasant experience — though my bowl of oatmeal was stone cold and I had to ask them to microwave it. To I that is a cardinal sin, serving cold oatmeal! They microwaved it in the ‘cup’ and as such it came back with much spilled on the plate below. Wasn’t a pretty sight. However, Tyler, our server (who I gather also works for ‘Red Arrow’ Corporate) was outstanding, saw the problem and rushed back with a bowl and said I could use that. Hhhmmmm!

The food was OK. Nothing to write home about. I had my ‘Red Arrow’ usual — slice of pork pie. It too was a tad cold (and PLEASE remember that it takes a LOT to get me to complain about food (given that I grew up in a poor, 3rd-world country)). Teischan, had her usual too, Whoopie Pie. It was not as moist as it should have been. C’est la vie.

My ardent hope is that these are buy growing pains — since I think the ‘diner’ has only been open for less than 6 weeks. [I could be wrong on that.]

Given that I have been a HUGE fan of the ‘Red Arrow’ in Manchester for the last 5.5 years, I am NOT going to hold today’s lunch against the new diner. Over the years the Manchester diner built-up quite a reserve of GOODWILL with I. So, I am willing to cut slack.

The new Concord diner is NOTHING like the historic & politically FAMED diner in Manchester. For one I did NOT get to sit in a booth that had once sat Obama, Hilary or Al Gore. To be fair it is more like a McDonald’s of Friendly’s rather than a cozy, intimate diner. It is very modern and airy. That is not a bad thing. Just lacks the ambience of a diner. They have, however, paid a lot of attention to details — notice the hooks by the stools at the counter. Neat.

The Concord Diner also lacks all the cool, historic pictures that stud Manchester.

We will go again.

The Concord ‘Red Arrow’ is but 2 minutes from Friendly’s on the same road. We always have great luck with Friendly’s and they always send me discount codes. So, that will be a temptation.

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by Anura Guruge

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