India’s Winning ODI Series Against Australia After 3rd ODI Win — Leaves Me In Awe & Amazement.

by Anura Guruge

From Cricinfo. Click image to access their portal for this series.

Just two days, after watching the highlights of the Indians winning the 2nd ODI against Australia, I said that ‘they’, i.e., the Indians, looked invincible.

Then, a couple of hours ago, I watched the 3rd ODI. I thought Aaron Finch’s return, and his magnificent 124, had turned the corner for Steve Smith and Australia. Yes, the middle order dissapointed, but 293 wasn’t too bad of a total.

India just cruised to victory. Yes, there was a few tense moments BUT Dhoni hardly had to face a ball. Hardik Pandya is one heck of a cricketer. He is exciting to watch, batting, bowling or fielding. Can you imagine what his nickname will be in dressing rooms in Australia, England and New Zealand. As far as nicknames go it would not be one that is HARD to take!

What a bloody team. I am in AWE. Indians must be SO happy.

Click to access Wikipedia entry for Hardik Pandya.

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by Anura Guruge

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