72-Year Old New Yorker Drives His Car Into ‘Bass Harbor’ Outside Of ‘Acadia National Park’, September 26, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

From the oustanding ‘Mount Desert ISLANDER

Click to ENLARGE, but use LINK above to access original from ‘Mount Desert Islander’.

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Click to ENLARGE. Though many of you know “Bass Harbor” in terms of its iconic lighthouse, the Harbor itself is set back — and in this case the accident was on the ‘Bernard’ side. Created by Anura Guruge.

The New York Couple had been to dinner at “Thurston’s” at Bernard.

We eat at “Thurston’s” too and had done so on September 3, 2017
— just 3-weeks earlier.

Pictures of “Thurston’s” and Bernard Harbor.

No fatalities and not that serious. Driving into a harbor … You would expect that from a New York driver.

He was looking for Route 102. The roads around Bernard are narrow and if there was a fog, at night, it could be tricky.

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by Anura Guruge

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