The Rather Strange, 16-Lens/Sensor, “Light L16” ‘Light Capture Device’ (Rather Than Camera).

 by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the official Website for this strange device.

I created this annotated, augmented diagram so you can get a quick overview. Base picture, of course, from ‘Light’. Click to ENLARGE.

For reasons I cannot explain this strange device never registered on my radar until a few days ago — even though it appears that there have been prototypes since 2015.

A cute idea BUT the lenses are titchy and PLASTIC.

Plus, as far as I am concerned it is NOT a real camera! Why? It does NOT have a built-in image processor. [OK. I stand corrected. It appears to have ‘3’ BUT they only produce a 3MP image for ‘social media sharing’! So, if you just rely on those INBOARD ‘image processors’ this is a 3MP camera.] It produces raw data that has to be processed on a computer to create the image. Yikes. Not my cup of tea given my aversion to all forms of post-processing.

Reminds me MUCH of the now ‘defunct’ Lytro Illum and I just saw one on eBay for $450!

This is the best ‘review’ that I have seen for this gizmo.

Click image to access original.

Has absolutely no appeal to I. I do not have the time or patience for post-processing. What I like is to take pictures in JPEG and posts the ones that came out good. Learn from the bad ones and tomorrow is another day.

I am sure that by this time next year this ‘do-da’ will down to $450. Be interesting to see.

This, however, may appeal to some of you PhotoShop fans.

Oh, the 52MP resolution is also way too high for my liking.

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by Anura Guruge

2 thoughts on “The Rather Strange, 16-Lens/Sensor, “Light L16” ‘Light Capture Device’ (Rather Than Camera).

  1. Mitch Aunger

    Quite fine that you post your opinion but note that you can indeed process the images on the Light L16 in camera and create jpegs that you can share as you desire.

    The fact that the lenses are “PLASTIC” as you say has no material affect on the images. Are you saying that plastic lenses on smartphones makes them bad cameras?

    Down to $450? HA! Not happening.

    Oh and what makes you think it doesn’t have a built in processor? It has 3.

    1. Anura Guruge Post author

      Thank you for your ‘nice’ (polite) comment. YOU ARE RIGHT. I stand corrected and I updated the POST. Thank YOU. I did NOT consider them bona fide image processors since they only create a 3MP image. But, you are right.

      We should touch base Christmas 2018 to check on the $450 price. As you can see I am somewhat familiar with the Lytro and we know what happened to that.

      What is your interest in the L16. Have you ordered one? Do you work for them?

      Nice idea. Just anathema to I. I am a STRAIGHT out-of-the-camera JPEG guy and 3MP, alas, will NOT cut it — THOUGH at the same time I am also NOT interested in anything (right now) ABOVE 24MP.

      All the best. Thanks. Anura


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