Wolfeboro Adult Education — Another Proposed Spring 2018 Class, “Laziness Should Know No Bounds”.

by Anura Guruge

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As with “Quick & Easy Meditation“, I, in my old age, am going about sharing some of my innermost secrets and ‘skills’ with you. Nobody better qualified to teach a class on ‘Being MORE Lazy’ than I. If the truth be known my middle name, all my life, should have been ‘lazy’ — Anura ‘lazy’ Guruge.

My adoptive father, always, maintained, with nary an exception, that I was lazy. He was, of course, as always, right. I have been lazy all my life. I think it is genetic (my REAL father supposed to have been a GAMBLER) though I have spent a lot of time and effort improving on my laziness so I can be even more lazy.

So, now I will share my secrets on how YOU TOO can be more lazy. Laziness knows NO bounds.

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by Anura Guruge

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