London’s Heathrow Airport “Coming Home For Christmas” Ad — Paddington-Themed & Poignant.

by Anura Guruge

The making of this brilliant Ad.

Ahhh! “Heathrow” — at one time, 1970 – 1980, known as “Thiefrow“. The ‘best’ of the scams. They would ‘BORROW’ expensive company cars from the parking lots using parking tickets they would obtain with another car. They wouldn’t steal them per se since then the car would be ‘hot’ and likely to be sought. They would take it to a ‘chop-shop’ and swap the engine and other parts out — sometimes the tires. So, the ‘owner’ would come back, find the car exactly where he/she parked it (because the ‘thieves’ would have put their car in that spot while they ‘borrowed’ the other). No marks. All good. But, then they would notice that it wasn’t running as well. Classic.

I made contact with Heathrow, for the first time, in August 1967 — 50 years ago. Since then I have (though not recently) spent so much time in or around the airport (including the many hotels).  Wow. It was a second home. Always a RELIEF to be at Heathrow.

Plus I owned BAA (British Airport Authority) shares for a very long time (since the ‘IPO’) and did quite well.

So, this Ad resonated. Ahhhh!


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by Anura Guruge

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