Sri Lanka Cricketers Wear Masks In Delhi During 3rd Test — Too Ashamed To Show Their Faces.

by Anura Guruge

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I first saw this whole sorry incident in the 2nd day Highlights on Willow.

I was incredulous!

I then went and watched the ball-by-ball video to get the whole picture.

It came across as GAMESMANSHIP! It was embarrassing. Sri Lanka continues to further its reputation as unsporting cricketers. That is shame.

Yes, they are being totally outclassed by India and it must be hard to be in the field getting pounded by the Indians — especially Koli.

But the mask thing just made them look petty and pathetic. It really came across that they were, quite rightly, too ashamed to show their faces.

It upset me. I hate to see the spirit of cricket being besmirched.

There should be further action. The whole team should be FINED.

Other teams should REFUSE to play Sri Lanka. Boycott them until they learn some manners.

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by Anura Guruge

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