Our Stair Jumping Gymnastic Hamster — A Must See YouTube Video. Such Strength, Such Agility.

by Anura Guruge

This is Teischan’s hamster #2, Treble, that we got in May 2017. (The short-lived #1 was Rebel.)

We discovered, that she can climb stairs, with aplomb, and do so, over and over again, the first time she escaped from a cage. We weren’t at home and she decided to go up the stairs to my study — which is where she slept at night so as her nocturnal activities would not disturb Teischan.

She had escaped while we were not in the house.

We came home to discover that your burglar alarm had gone off — for the very first time in 10-years! A motion detector in my study had gone off! That confounded all of us since a person would have had to have negotiated multiple other sensors before tripping that one which on the 4th-level of this 4-story house.

We did not know, at that juncture, that Treble was missing.

As soon as I was told that Treble was missing I knew where she was and we found her in SECONDS!

But, she had to have climbed a set of stairs to get to my study.

So, we put her on the stairs to see what she did.

She did this.

Cracked us up.

AMAZING strength. That is a standing vertical jump above her head.

We get to see this most nights. It is so entertaining. So, I wanted to share. ENJOY.

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by Anura Guruge

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