Garmin Express Is Now At 6.0 (As Of January 11, 2018).

by Anura Guruge

I updated it today, on Windows 7, to 6.0. I think the update was released in the last couple of days.

As I had previously told you, Garmin Express (at least on Windows) does NOT auto-update or provide you with any notification that an update is available. You have to check manually.

Going from 5.9 (December 16, 2017) & 5.8 (November 17, 2017) to 6.0 in January 2018 is consistent with their stated goal of an update a month.

What I still cannot find, to my chagrin, is an update history — so that we know what is new/fixed in 6.0. Why Garmin is so secretive is a mystery.

NOTE. Something I discovered today, prior to updating to 6.0. IF you are getting a ‘Garmin Server Error‘ when using Express it means YOU need to update Garmin Express. Happened to me when I still had 5.9. That prompted me to CHECK for Express updates. As soon as I had 6.0 … all was GOOD.

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by Anura Guruge

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