Ski Day #3 Of 2018 (At Gunstock, New Hampshire) — January 25, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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Third Thursday of the Alton Central School (ACS) 2018 Ski Program — and we were back at Gunstock. This took fortitude. It was BITTERLY cold, bloody cold. Much colder than last Thursday, and it had been cold then.

The forecast had called for 19°F (-7°C). When we were leaving at 1:45pm, with the Sun close to its peak, the Quest thermometer read 17°F (-8°C). It had been much colder in the morning.

When I got there at 7:50 in the morning, I was but the 4th vehicle in the visitor car park! I knew we were in for a challenging day. Other than the kids there weren’t many others around. Some of the kids stayed back too. This had some benefits. Zero lines and EMPTY, totally empty runs. I used the ‘Tiger Claw’ lift which serves mainly ‘intermediate’ and ‘expert’ terrains and much of the day I was the ONLY rider. Suffice to say I had the slopes to myself as some of the pictures testify.

The kids were cautioned against going to the Summit because of the cold — the long ride up being the main issue. Teischan took that to heart. She stayed on the lower slopes all day. I ventured further out once I had gauged the piste.

Gunstock, belying expectations, had done a VERY GOOD job grooming. I only encountered exposed ice on one slope — i.e., ‘Smith’ — and that is their widest slope. As such the 3 – 4 bare ice patches were easy to easy and easy to avoid. The rest of the slopes/trails were hard packed, but groomed piste. It was semi-hard, technical skiing BUT I enjoyed it. The skiing was fast and that always pleases me.

The kids did good. I skied more than I expected and more than most of the kids! That was not expected. Didn’t ski as much as the last two ski days, BUT you had to be there to appreciate how cold it was.

Well, another ski day done and dusted.

We were all glad when it ended — uneventfully.

One more day left and we are all hoping that it will be WARMER.


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by Anura Guruge

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