The Camel In Alton, NH, Joined By Two Bison — Next Door To “Camp David”.

by Anura Guruge

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Alton’s now famous ‘Snow Camel‘, “Roger“, is a rescue camel! He was emancipated from a farm in the Midwest that could no longer take care of him.

He has been in Alton, New Hampshire, on the farm next door to “Camp David“, on Route 28, since June 2015.

The two buffalo, that look young, are new. I first saw them about a month ago. Today was the first time I got stop and take a picture of them. I did not have my Nikon P900 super-zoom. They were a bit far from the road, there was deep snow that prevented me from getting too close and the light was against me. I know the owners and they will let me come and get some better picture.

This is mainly for the record. Yes, we now have bison as well as a camel in Alton. The bison may have something to do with “Camp David” in that the metal gates for the Camp have always featured two bison. Not sure what the story is here. Not sure what transpires at “Camp David”. It seems closed for the Winter.

Anywho … stay tuned.

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by Anura Guruge

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