The Sony a7 III Has Been Finally Announced, BUT I Am Not Salivating Over It!

by Anura Guruge

Click to access “DPReview” post.

Click to access September 2017 post.

Click to access October 2017 post.

The only thing that truly appeals to me is the new sensor — and that was always going to be the #1 reason to upgrade from my current Sony a7 II.

All the other features, e.g., enhanced “Eye Auto Focus (AF)”, faster shooting rate, larger capacity ‘Z’ battery, AF joystick and 693 AF points, are really of marginal interest. I seek excellent AF but I no longer need LOTS of AF points or “Eye” AF. Most of the time I go with straight ‘Center Point’ AF — but also do a LOT of manual focus.

The two posts shown above from September and October really tell much of the story — and those were BEFORE I got my Google Pixel 2 phone at Christmas. During the last 2 months I used the Pixel 2 more or less exclusively! Yes, the cold weather was a factor. The Sony a7 II is not rated for ‘below freezing‘ temps. and I wasn’t going to take any chances since it is not exactly a cheap camera. But, the Pixel 2 is also so much easier to carry around. {SMILE}

My big gripe with Sony is the lack of ‘reasonably’ priced Full Frame lenses. What I can get from my a7 II in the end is gated by the lenses I have rather than anything else. So, just upgrading the body will not get me much — if any. Hence, my thinking about waiting for a Full Frame mirrorless from Nikon or Canon. Right now I am willing to wait. No hurry — for a change — to get another camera. {Smile}. I do have three cameras not counting the Pixel 2.

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by Anura Guruge

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