When Easter Sunday Has Fallen On ‘April 1’, “April Fool’s Day” — Last Time Was 1956.

by Anura Guruge

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The sea change Gregorian calendar was introduced in October 1582.

Easter Sunday fell on April 1 two years later in 1584 — which, coincidentally, was also around the time the notion of “April Fool’s” kicked-in. One theory is that around this time, in France, the start of the New Year was moved from ‘April 1’ to ‘January 1’. Those who got confused by this move were referred to as April Fool’s. That, however, is one theory.

I have as yet not been able to work out why we get a 62-year gap … as between 1956 and 2018 and twice in prior years. The 68-year confounds me even further.

11-year gaps for such ‘movable holidays’ is common — the 11 having to do with the 7-day week and leap years every 4-years. As you can see we do get 11-year gaps quite often, just not the last time around. 35-year gaps are fairly common too.

But, 62- and 68-year are the LONGEST possible gaps for Easter.

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by Anura Guruge

2 thoughts on “When Easter Sunday Has Fallen On ‘April 1’, “April Fool’s Day” — Last Time Was 1956.

    1. Anura Guruge Post author

      I did NOT get you. I am STUMPED too. I tried Quora. Nothing. I am crazy busy …. But, IF you have some time and are motivated I can POINT you at some stuff that you can check and we could collaborate on this. I have a hunch that this has to do with the ‘Golden Number’. So let me know. Thanks.


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