For Vivo IPL Cricket In U.S., Cancel Sling TV/Willow And Get “Hotstar (US)” For $9.99 — 1st Month FREE.

by Anura Guruge

Click here to access U.S. “Hotstar” Website — with sign-up.

Click images to ENLARGE.

With the 1st month FREE we have nothing to lose and much to gain. For those of you who like IPL it would be a godsend.

Definitely NO Vivo IPL 2018 on Sling TV. That is definite.

Actually there is NO NEW cricket on Sling TV via Willow or any other channel. Willow has totally gutted what is available on Sling TV as of mid-week.

I signed up with “Hotstar” on my Roku 3. It works. Need a PC to activate (with code provided on Roku).

No Vivo IPL 2018 as yet — but that starts TODAY.

So, this is my recommendation.   NOT ANY LONGER! See below.

Click to access April 8, 2018 post after I watched the 1st game!

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by Anura Guruge

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