Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition — $30 Worth Of Lipstick On A Pig!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

This really is BUT pure cosmetics. Thus, the ‘lipstick on a pig’ is beyond appropo!

Yes, there is an Adidas-specific workout APP for running, plus a new watch strap and a new watch face. That is IT!

The rest of the watch is the SAME. The SAME.

Come on.

Yes, I understand and now I have got to appreciate. Fitbit is all about looks, little substance. It is for posers. So, this works out well for that crowd. You can show off your Adidas version. Wow.

I have another 19-days with my dreaded Fitbit Ionic. That will be 90-days — the limit I imposed on myself, as a kind of penance, I have found a good home for it. My 12-year daughter who started wearing an iWOWNFit i6HRC Fitness Tracker, I got her for her birthday last month, wants it. That is perfect. It will be great for her. She is not a runner. She will make use of the music feature that I have not touched. It will count her steps, monitor her sleep and measure her heart-rate. It will get her used to wearing a big tracker. That is great. My 17-year old daughter got my Garmin Vivoactive HR. So, this all works out.

What am I going to get. A Garmin … BUT NOT a Forerunner 645. That still has too many problems.

Stay tuned. I will keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

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