“Pathways To Freedom” By Artist Julia Vogl At The “Boston Common”.

by Anura Guruge

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Artist Julia Vogl with Pathways to Freedom Boston Common Anura Guruge

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Link to the official Website — click.

What the symbols in each circle mean, e.g., “T” (MBTA) sign means family immigrated to the Boston area 1965 – 2000.

YouTube video by Julia Vogl explaining the project.

Yesterday, in between visiting the magnificent ‘Boston Museum of Fine Arts‘ and taking a ‘Boston Duck Boat Tour‘ at 5pm we visited ‘Boston Common‘ since Teischan has a new found fondness for it having rediscovered it during our visit to ‘Boston Chinatown‘ for 2018 ‘Chinese New Year‘ in February. As is our wont we headed up to the hard to miss ‘Soldiers and Sailors Monument‘. We immediately noticed that they were installing a very colorful and artistic pattern on the circular walkway around the monument. We all went and took pictures.

I was curious. I saw the “T” signs and thought it might be an MBTA project. I saw a young lady, wearing a volunteer’s jacket, smoothing out the pattern. So, I had to ask … She straightened up and she had a BIG smile. She informed me that it was her project. Wow! I had lucked out. It was Julia Vogl who had created this amazing piece of work. She started to explain ….

It was a Jewish Passover inspired project to represent the freedom and immigration stories of those living in the Boston area. Obviously a very topical issue. I mentioned that I had come over from Britain 30 odd (and very odd, indeed) years ago. She informed me that she currently lived and worked in London. There was NO stopping us from there. We talked, and we talked. Suffice to say we had a ton in common. I took her over to introduce her to the family. She was charming.

What an interesting project.

To begin with, just looks for the GREEN pieces of pie. The GREEN represents FREEDOM. There is a fair amount of GREEN. We talked about that.

The ‘T’ signs that had caught my eye indicate those that had arrived in the Boston area between 1965 — 2000. That would be I too. There is a fair amount of those ‘T’ pieces.

Check it out.

She will be there again, in person, Friday, April 27, 2018. IF you can you should go meet her. She is special.

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by Anura Guruge

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