STARZ “Howards End” Series (2018) Is At An End.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access STARZ homepage for this NEW series.

YouTube trailer for the STARZ Series.

The last episode of Season 1, viz. Episode 4, aired this last Friday, April 29, 2018. That from what I see concludes the story as written by the incomparable E.M. Forster in 1910. On the STARZ Webpage there is an implication that there might be a Season 2. But, that would have to be an major embellishment to Forster’s original.

The series was immaculately produced. The cinematography was BEYOND first class; it was lavish and sumptuous. A visual treat.

I am, however, not convinced that serializing “Howards End” worked — at least for those of us that watched the episodes weekly as they came out. The weekly gap between episodes broke the spell and often you struggled to think back to the prior episode to recall the entire thread in its full glory. But, now that all four episodes are out you could watch them back-to-back.

Each episode was nominally 55-minutes. So, that is 220 minutes (3H 40 minutes) in total. So, here is something else that I found interesting. The classic 1992 movie was 142 minutes (2h 20 minutes) long. So, the STARZ version is a full one hour 18 minutes longer! What does that mean. Did they spin out the story or did the movie omit scenes. I plan to watch the movie this week, if I can.

We are glad we watched the series. We looked forward to it and are sad that it has concluded. Maybe we should have recorded all the episodes and then watched it over a couple of days.

Well, now you know what options you have.

Yes, the episodes are still available on STARZ.

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by Anura Guruge

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