Maya’s 7th Birthday, Celebrated At McDonald’s Per The Tradition — May 15, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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Since we move to Alton 11-years ago taking the dogs to the McDonald’s at ‘the circle’ for cheeseburgers on their birthday has become firm family tradition.

Teischan, a great lover of birthdays (albeit, her’s her all time favorite), does a great job of keeping track of the dogs’ birthdays. I have been told, near daily, for the last 3-weeks, that it was going to be Maya’s 7th birthday and that we are going to McDonald’s.

The dogs know McDonald’s. They go there outside of their birthdays too. Suffice to say I have pictures of such birthdays going back years. A trademark of all these pictures are the dogs LICKING their chops in anticipation! It is classic. They know.

Maya’s 7th. Braxton is going to be 5, I think, later in the Summer. Given that he is a rescue we are not sure of his exact birthday. So, like the Queen, we have designated an official birthday for him. Teischan will start telling me about it soon.

Enjoy. They did.

P.S., When we lived in Gilford, prior to Alton, and just had our Ulysses, it used to be an ice-cream cake for him from Hannaford’s!

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by Anura Guruge

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