“Churchill” Movie (2017) On Starz — 97% Sheer Travesty!

by Anura Guruge

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This was a TRULY horrible movie! Yuk!

The whole premise of the movie, i.e., that Winston Churchill was totally opposed to D-Day even at the bitter end, is bunkum. Yes, Winston had concerns and alternate ideas early on by as D-Day approached he was behind the plan. He did not try to ‘sabotage’ it.

An important subplot, i.e., that Winston had talked King George VI to accompany him on the HMS Belfast and make the D-Day crossing so that they could be with the troops, was totally misrepresented. Winston had NOT asked the King to come with him. Instead the King said that he would come with Winston in order to STOP Winston from making that crossing! Huge and key difference.

Also South African Field Marshal Jan Smuts was certainly on Winston’s staff BUT he never was as close to Winston as portrayed. That was poetic license.

Read the above cited articles from very credible sources. They will tell you what I just said, but in more detail.

The 3% that was bearable was the bit involving Winston’s rousing speech to the Nation post D-Day. But, there they used the Great Man’s exact words.

This movie was an insult. I regret watching it!

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by Anura Guruge

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