Sri Lanka’s Constantly ‘Thanking God’ Niroshan Dickwella Is Run Out — Did God Forsake Him!

by Anura Guruge

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Another example. Note hand is higher. Closer to grill.

The 1st innings run out. June 8, 2018. From YouTube.

Click to ENLARGE. The scorecard from

Yes, of course, a lot of cricketers from various countries seek divine help especially when they are batting — and give ‘thanks’ — with eyes pointing up — when they reach a meaningful milestone.

Sri Lanka’s obviously Christian Niroshan Dickwella (from Sri Lanka’s 10% Christian minority) has taken this to ridiculous extremes.

When he is batting he is INCESSANTLY ‘crossing’ himself. Yes, some players do that once when they first come in … Not, Dickwella. He is crossing himself every few minutes. He kind of gets distracting and obnoxious.

But, we cricketers are a superstitious lot and I will indulge Dickwella in his giving thanks to God — so blatantly and constantly.

What puzzles me is how he reconciles his faith and trust in God when he gets out — especially this run out, on Day 3 (June 8, 2018) of the 1st Test against the Windies. It was pretty stupid. He was strolling oblivious that Braithwaite was going to take a shy at the stumps. Now God could have saved him. But, God forsook him! What does he do then? You don’t see him crossing himself when he gets out (or drops a catch).

That is my dilema. How does he rationalize his failures?

He also got suspended by the ICC for two ODI matches. God didn’t bail him out. But, he seems to ignore these let downs. Strange. Very strange.

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by Anura Guruge

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