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Opinion In ‘Quora’ On How To Increase Your IQ Fairly Consistent With My Beliefs.

by Anura Guruge

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I have some fairly strong views on intelligence, IQ and IQ Tests — which I have spelled out in my two “Brain Meditation” books. I think we are all born with a maximum potential IQ rating that we can never exceed whatever we do, how hard we try. That said, I am know that most of us do not even get within spitting distance of that Max. I reckon that in the majority of instances our brains, at best, are working 30% to 35% BELOW that Max. But, the good news is that we can work on trying to improve on that number — i.e., go higher up in terms of brain utilization, and hence ‘IQ’ rating.

I know that you can learn, train and practice to be better at IQ tests. Anything that regularly stimulates brain chemicals, in a good way, such as just plain thinking and meditation, also helps, indubitably.

Hence, why I could relate to this Quora post and even bothered to bring it to your attention. The last 4 items listed are all to do with THINKING. The ‘imagine’ admonition is a variant of what I urge in terms of ‘virtualization‘ in my ‘Brain Meditation‘ program. So, check it out. You have nothing to lose.

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by Anura Guruge

The Picture Of The Day (Nikon P900) + 6 Also-Rans — June 23, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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The also rans:

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lankan Test Trio, Surprisingly, Admit To Conduct Unbecoming Of Cricket.

by Anura Guruge

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Lawyers in Sri Lanka must have prevailed BECAUSE these three CLOWNS would have insisted that they did nothing wrong — since at least one of them, Dinesh “I CHEAT” Chandimal, has acted over the last few years as if thinks he is God’s bastard son. Ten years ago, when he was breaking into the scene, he was such a nice and personable kid. Now he is an insufferable dork — who never walks and always questions the umpires. He is BAD for cricket.

Well, Dinesh “I CHEAT” Chandimal, will miss the 3rd Test match against the Windies, starting Saturday, June 23, 2018. That is GREAT news. Following this hearing, with them having confessed to their crime, he will miss at least another couple. That is so, so good for cricket.

There is NOW WAY that these three clowns can refute the charge against them, viz., “conduct contrary to the spirit of the game“. We have it all on video. Them refusing to play and ARGUING, in public, with the umpires and match refree. The coach and the unseemingly obese team manager should be banned from International cricket for LIFE. They were a bloody disgrace. I have not been so annoyed with anything to do with cricket as I was with their moronic tactics — holding up play for 2-hours.

The ICC Officials should have called the match off and given it to the Windies claiming that the stupid Sri Lankans forfeited the match.

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by Anura Guruge