My Sony a6500 Up For Sale On Facebook Marketplace.

by Anura Guruge

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Link to the Facebook Marketplace posting.

No, I don’t need to sell it, BUT it seems a waste to have it and NOT use it!

Last week’s 5-day trip to Acadia was the tipping point. I took the a6500 with me BUT I never used it once! Given a choice I these days just prefer to use my full-frame Sony a7 II and my Google Pixel 2. It is basically the Pixel 2 that made the Sony a6500 redundant. I got the a6500 to be my COMPACT when taking the a7 II was not practical. But, the Pixel 2 has now become my compact — plus you can take phones to venues that don’t allow cameras!

Hence the decision to TRY and sell it. If I sell it I will use the proceeds to get another lens for my a7 II. That is my biggest impediment. I just do not have ANY good full-frame lenses!

So, that is the logic. Let’s see what transpires. Not the end of the world IF I don’t sell it.


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by Anura Guruge

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