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Pope Francis Demeans The EASTERN Cardinal Patriarchs And Denotes That They Are 2nd Class Citizens!

by Anura Guruge

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This was WHAT it was all about. Prior to the creation of the 4 IRREGULAR Cardinal Bishops, Cardinal Rai was the MOST senior UNDER-80 cardinal! Base data from “Gcatholic.org” which is run by a friend.

Click to ENLARGE. From my ‘The Next Pope 2011’ book. Click on image at the bottom to get a copy.

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Pope Francis has much in common with Donald Trump. Deep down they both have well-entrenched racist inclinations however much they might try to deny and deflect.

Last week’s uncalled for creation of the 4 HIGHLY ‘irregular’ Cardinal Bishops was proof positive.

The ONLY — and I stress ONLY — rationale for this extraordinary decision by Francis was his FEAR that a NON-WHITE, Eastern Cardinal Patriarch would officiate as the DEAN of the College of Cardinals at the next conclave.

Just like Trump and the Obama ‘birther’ conspiracy. As far as Francis is concerned non-whites are ‘OK’ if they are kept in their place, BUT there is NO WAY that he will have a non-white be in charge of a conclave — and in this case, literally over his dead body.

He might as well have flipped a BIRD at the Eastern, non-white Cardinal Patriarchs. YIKES. Not a nice man. Like Trump, just a bigoted old man who needs to lose a ton of weight.

Am I upset? What do YOU think? I am non-white. I endure abuse, discrimination and persecution daily. Yes, so I will say #METOO!

I had to write this. As a non-white the only power I have is that of the pen.


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by Anura Guruge

Hiking ‘Schoodic Mountain’ (Maine) In ‘Donnell Pond Public Reserve’ North Of Acadia National Park.

by Anura Guruge

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‘Schoodic Mountain’ from which the eponymous peninsula gets its name is NOT on the peninsula per se and definitely not within the bounds of Acadia National Park. The 1,060′ mountain is about 7 miles north of the peninsula and maybe 12 miles from the Schoodic part of the Park.

Do NOT get it confused with the 440′ ‘Schoodic Head‘ which is indeed within the park. The mountain is close to 2.5 times higher.

I happened to see it in a map of Downeast Maine while we were in Acadia. The State-owned “Donnell Pond Public Reserve” is HUGE. That is what caught my eye. So, I wanted to check it out. We were going to Schoodic anyway and this was but a minor detour. Glad we went (on Friday, June 29, 2018, the 5th (and last) day of our latest Acadia vacation).

The hike to the top was not difficult though it was a relatively warm and humid day. Took me 39 minutes to get to the top and a few minutes less to get down. But the bald peak is extensive and you can walk around it for hours.

Very rewarding hike with a very high ROI. Definitely recommend it.

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by Anura Guruge