Navajo Morning Prayer Song YouTube Video — From Canyon de Chelly.

by Anura Guruge

This was rather special — even if it was filmed in ‘Best Western’ Hotel car park. Two rather amazing Navajo sisters; 15 & 13. They literally sang for their dinner — though, of course, they didn’t have to.

I had met their father 6-hours earlier. He took Teischan & I on a 4-hour, 6-wheeler ‘jeep’ tour of the Canyon — both the North & South sides. Though we hadn’t booked it as such, we lucked out and it proved to be a private tour — just the two of us. It was a great tour.

The tour finished around 7:50pm. We had already planned to go to “The Junction”, at the ‘Best Western’, for dinner, as we had done the last two-nights. We invited ‘Daniel’ to join us for dinner. He had told us about his two youngest daughters and how talented they were. He had even shown us a video of the oldest (15) singing. I told him to bring them along.

At 8:40pm we were having dinner. It was great. We all had a great time. We were the last to leave the restaurant.

This was when we got outside. The father asked them to sing for us. He is, understandably, very proud of their talents. They did NOT need any coaxing. They sang three songs for us. This was the last. I will post the other two soon.


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by Anura Guruge

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