American Airlines (AA) Boeing 737s — No Window In Row 10 (Left Hand Side).

by Anura Guruge

American Airline Boeing 737 No Window Row 10

A Google search CONFIRMED that this was a known issue.

The top pictures says it ALL. AA seats 10 A, B & C on Boeing 737s now do NOT have windows. 10 D, E & F does have a window. Go figure.

We encountered this on all four of our flights to Canyon de Chelly last week. I had booked my tickets directly via AA months ago. As a 1-Million mile ‘prefered’ passenger they recommended the best seats for us. These were the ones closest to the front. I took them on all four segments. Never told me that there was no window.

As it transpired this was no big deal. Teischan seats by the ‘window’ but she isn’t that fussed about looking out. She slept much of the way too — which is good. So, we didn’t even bother trying to switch.

But, just a HEADS UP.

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by Anura Guruge

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