‘Circus Smirkus’, Wolfeboro, NH (August 12, 2018) — IMPRESSIVE, Worth Seeing!

by Anura Guruge

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This was not our accustomed Barnum & BaileyGreatest Show On Earth“, but it was a show and it was impressive and in the end humbling.

The tightrope in high heels was world class! Folks familiar with this blog know that we go to a LOT of circuses and have been doing it for years (and in my case most of my life). I have never seen this and that alone was worth going. Second big picture at the top. ENLARGE and look at it. That was special.

It was NOT bad at all. Actually, very impressive.

ALL KIDS ages 10 to 18. That alone makes it special. Then, right at the end the Ringmaster (who was very good) shared a nugget of information that blew us all away. The kids ONLY had 18-days, yes, 18-days, to put this whole repertoire together. That is mind-blowing. You know that circus acts work for years to get it all together. These kids pulled this off, with aplomb & panache, in 18-days. WOW. Bravo. They, of course, got a standing ovation.

Not what we are used to as veteran, annual attendees of Barnum & Bailey, but by the end we were enjoying this as much.

Yes, of course, I recommend it. Tad pricey for families. Cost nearly as much as I used to pay to see Barnum & Bailey in Manchester (but much of that is because I knew where the outstanding cheap seats were after we had been to the first few shows).

I took a LOT of pictures. It is too late to try and post them all tonight. I will work on them in the days to come.

P.S., They are in Wolfeboro, on Monday, August 13, 2018 too; 1 & 6pm. So try and catch it if you can.

Click image to access their Website.

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by Anura Guruge

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