National Geographic “Canyon Song” Video Featuring For Canyon de Chelly Friends, The ‘Draper’ Family.

by Anura Guruge

YouTube video below. Click this image to access the same video at ‘National Geographic’.

The must-watch YouTube video.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. The ‘National Geographic’ write-up for the video.

This is the SAME two girls
— giving us a private audition after dinner.

Yes, of course they told us about this video over dinner. Of course, they are, deservedly, very proud about it.

So, that I would have a record I took pictures of it from their phone!

I actually have two more videos of these amazing sisters singing, for us, after dinner. I will get around to posting them soon.

In the meantime THOROUGHLY enjoy and absorb this video. You will get to really experience the lovely and haunting Canyon de Chelly — my favorite place in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

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by Anura Guruge

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