‘Newsies’, Interlakes Summer Theatre, Meredith [N.H.] — August 17, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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The dancing — acrobatic and adroitly choreographed — was very good, as good as what you would see on TV on “World of Dance” or “America’s Got Talent” (AGT). But, for a musical the songs weren’t that great and to make it worse the sound system left a lot to be desired. The lady seated in front of us, told us at the intermission, that she had to take off her hearing aid! That is not good — for a musical. It took me awhile to recognize the signature song — “Seize the Day” — and that was after Teischan gave me a hint!

I was not familiar at all, at all, with “Newsies“. I was confounded that it was billed as a Disney movie cum Broadway musical. I had to look it up. Ah! 1992. None of my kids were old enough. That explains it all.

It was a genuinely full-house. Not a single empty seat. We got the last two seats this morning. It is a small theatre so there are NO bad seats.

I was not familiar with the storyline — the “Children’s Crusade” in New York City. So, that was worthwhile learning. It wasn’t bad. Just wasn’t that great.

Though I have not been in quite a few years, I am no stranger to Interlakes Summer Theatre. When I lived in Meredith, 1996 — 1999, and during my early years in Gilford I used to attend regularly. Sometimes went to all the shows in a Summer season. I am sure I saw “Pirates of Penzance” twice in one week because my son, Matthew, loved it.

I always make a point to appreciate live theatre. And the dancing was GOOD. So, it was worthwhile. Huge thunderstorm during the show. You could hear the rain hammering on the roof. Tomorrow, i.e., Saturday, August 18, 2018, is the last show of the 2018 Season.

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by Anura Guruge

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