Aretha Franklin’s Ostentatious Gold Coffin Does Her An Injustice.

by Anura Guruge

She does NOT need a $40,000 gold coffin (and all the handles etc. are indeed real gold) to make her look good or enhance her image or reputation. This tawdry looking casket diminishes her. Yes, by all means dress her well and put jewelry on her — but she didn’t need such a casket.

I would have thought her upbringing in a religious family would have ensured humility in death. Yes, this could be her family rather than her. But, you would think they would have known better.

There is plenty of poverty in Detroit. It has one of the highest poverty rates among the 20 largest U.S. cities. I had expected better from her. C’est la vie.

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by Anura Guruge

1 thought on “Aretha Franklin’s Ostentatious Gold Coffin Does Her An Injustice.

  1. HItoGetYouTogether

    Don’t be so sure it was her choice… she didn’t even have a Will. Her family said that THEY were “guided by God” on how they should honor her and proceed with her services.

    Her entire life she was a champion for not only civil rights but of women’s rights and those of indigenous nations. I find it pitiful, on your behalf, to diminish her reach and scope (worldwide I might add) which had tremendous impacts upon society AND individuals.

    By the way, it’s extremely tacky to be on this side of the road in life to toss such judgemental accusations. I wonder if you deem yourself “religious” or have a “religious upbringing” because your tongue lashing judgemental remarks…. aren’t very religious-like either.

    Be well


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