Daniel Draper, THE BEST Licensed Navajo Guide At ‘Canyon de Chelly’ National Monument.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE. This is his business card. I highlighted the phone number and e-mail to make it easier to read. He checks his e-mail and returns calls.

He is active on Facebook too.

Daniel Draper driving a 6-wheeler in the Canyon.

National Geographic” featured him and his daughters in this video.

Click to ENLARGE and read what “National Geographic” said about him.

His pictures of the Canyon.

Daniel Draper has been a licensed, native Navajo guide at Canyon de Chelly for over 26-years. He, in my opinion, is THE BEST. He is well educated, reflective and has seen the outside world — even traveling to Beijing, China in the 1970s to represent the U.S. in an International youth athletics games. (He was a long distance runner before becoming a professional, rodeo bull wrangler.)

I have visited the Canyon four times and have done four tours (two on horseback). I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Daniel Draper on my last visit, in July, when we did a 4-hour, 6-wheeler tour. The day before I had done a 3-hour tour on horseback. It was like chalk and cheese. Daniel knew so much more and could articulate it clearly.

Both sides of his family are from the Canyon and he grew up there. They still own land inside the Canyon as you can see from the “National Geographic” video.

His knowledge, understanding and experience of the Canyon is beyond reproach. He can take you places, show you things and explain them better to you than anybody else.

He, a photographer himself, specializes in photographic tours — which is how the “National Geographic” video came to be.

If you are visiting this BEAUTIFUL, breathtaking Canyon, my FAVORITE place in the whole world (and I have travelled some), contact Daniel Draper. No other guide comes close. Daniel will ENRICH your visit and allow you to enjoy the Canyon in ways you will cherish for life.

Check his contact info above.

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by Anura Guruge

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