The New PBS “Woman In White” (From The BBC) — Echoes Of “Jane Eyre” In The Best Possible Way.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the PBS Webpage for this captivating new series.

Somewhere around Friday, each week, I check PBS ‘primetime’ to make sure that I have the DVR set to record all shows of interest. This series, “The Woman in White” was being shown at 10pm on Sunday — which is usually NOT a slot reserved for promising masterpieces. But, the title alone was captivating. I hit the ‘Record Series’ button. I am sure glad I did.

We watched it today. It is GOOD. Echoes of Jane Eyre — and that is praise indeed. Teischan (12) actually said out loud that she liked it! She is hard to please and coming from her, this was also praise indeed.

You should still be able to catch Episode 1 on TV (if nothing else on Saturday night) or online. Definitely worth seeing. Looks very promising.

It is from the BBC. They don’t make too many duds.

This was GOOD. Thank YOU BBC. Thank YOU PBS.

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by Anura Guruge

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