We Had To Upgrade The Dogs’ ‘Wheels’ — Still A Ford, Much Newer & Fancier.

by Anura Guruge

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Well getting a 2004 Ford Exploder, with 192,000, albeit from our trusted mechanic who vouched for it, was a bit of a gamble — but he only wanted $650. Well, on Wednesday of this week he too it back from us and gave us $250. So, the Exploder cost us $400. Was probably marginally worth it. We did use it. It was our run-about in bad weather, for the dump and hauling the dogs around.

We were told, when we bought it, that one of the back wheel bearings needed replacing every 10,000 miles. We did not plan to ever put 10K miles on it. So, that was the gamble. As always happens to I, it was NOT that bearing that went. It was the battery and a front wheel bearing. ‘He’, my ‘man’, wanted $520 to fix all of it. That did not make sense.

But, it is damn cold up here right now and we are getting a lot of snow. I did not want to be stuck without having another run around …

Time was in the essence and I hate spending time looking for cars. Long time ago I bought a rather expensive, new Cadillac on the phone — 120 miles away in MA — and the salesman kept on saying “you sure you want to buy this without seeing it?”.

Well this is a 2008 Taurus and I did buy it over the phone. Kind of worked out — I think. This time, however, I paid big bucks for an extended warranty that covers wheel bearings.

Got it yesterday. Still early days. Took the dogs for a decent drive today. They seem to like it. That is good.

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by Anura Guruge

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