Traditional Chinese Tung Oil Paper Umbrellas Galore At The ‘Confucius Institute’, UNH (Durham, NH).

by Anura Guruge

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This colorfully mesmerizing array of traditional Chinese umbrellas were on display at this event:

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Obviously, as the pictures attest, we attended. It was very, very good — but I knew it would be. The ‘Confucius Institute’ at UNH (Durham, NH) has never let me down for the last 6- to 7-years. They are pretty amazing.

There was also a Chinese concert given by High Schoolers from the local Oyster River School:

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Then there was the umbrella making. That was something else too and Teischan made one. More on that in a separate post. Only so much I can cram in before it gets too hard to appreciate. {SMILE}

Also check out these three posts:

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    2. A set of 7-pictures.


    3. Another set of 7-pictures.

More posts later.

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by Anura Guruge

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