More Devastatingly Tempting Cakes By Sri Lankan ‘’, This Time, Of Course, For Valentine’s Day.

by Anura Guruge

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The ‘New Year 2019’ cakes from December.

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Just in the last ten weeks, or so, I have done three posts on the seriously impressive cakes, available in Sri Lanka (and just in Sri Lanka), thanks to ‘‘.

These cakes are for Valentine’s Day — and that makes me GRIN for multiple reasons. This is a totally new holiday to Sri Lanka. Growing up, we had never heard of it. C’est la vie. All to do with the HUGE, multi-million (I suspect) Sri Lankan diaspora in the West. They are hell bent on sharing their holidays with those back home. Nothing wrong. Makes a lot of people very happy and Karuka very rich.

In case you are wondering I am nothing but a customer when it comes to Kapruka. Though I give them huge amount of publicity I get nothing from them. That is OK. They have never asked me to do these posts. I do them for YOU.

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‘Thai Pongal’ 2019 cakes from a month ago.

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by Anura Guruge

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