WordPress.com Totally Screws Up ‘Copy A Post’ Feature — Which Worked Great For Years!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

I use the WordPress ‘Copy a Post’ feature EVERYDAY — multiple times a day. Actually, I hardly ever create a ‘New Post’ from scratch. I always use a prior post as a template — and do so by COPYING it. Has worked fine for years. It was one of the more powerful capabilities of WordPress.

There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. It worked fine. ‘Copy a Post’ appeared as an option, on the left hand-side menu bar under ‘Posts’. You clicked on that and you got a list of all your recent posts plus a built-in search capability. Just select a prior post and off you went.

Then about 5 days ago the ‘Copy a Post’ option disappeared, without any explanation.

As a 10-year veteran of WordPress I knew others ways to copy a post. I did that.

Next day, WordPress was FORCED to add the EXPLANATION BOX highlighted in the above image. We didn’t need this. We had been doing fine. Doing GREAT.

Why fix something that definitely was NOT broken? Typical WordPress. Just can’t leave a good-thing alone.

Well, there must have been an outcry. The NEXT DAY they went back and reinserted the ‘Copy a Post’ option in the menu, BUT it did not work like before. Idiots.

I do despair of WordPress.com. They just insist on breaking what were perfectly good features.

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by Anura Guruge

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