Trump’s 2019 Physical — Cholesterol Levels Are Actually VERY Bad!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

The three images that I put together above tell the whole story.

His cholesterol levels are very bad. Yes, his total cholesterol number went down, slightly … BUT …

Here is the KICKER.

After the 2018 physical his statin (anti-cholesterol) medication was increased from 10mg a day to 40mg a day. That is a HUGE increase. With such an increase his total cholesterol number should have come down DRAMATICALLY. It did NOT.

Moreover, BAD cholesterol went UP & his GOOD cholesterol went down. Not good.

On 40mg of Crestor his numbers should have been close to perfect.

If these were my numbers, MY DOCTOR would have an heart attack! They are that bad.

I know about cholesterol, cholesterol medication & cholesterol numbers. I have watched my cholesterol for 40-years & have been on Lipitor (a Crestor equivalent) for 22-years. During all that time my dose has stayed at 10mg.

Here are MY results from 2018. They are NOT great, but a damn sight better than Trump’s. And that is with 10mg of Lipitor. If my dose had been increased to 40mg my total cholesterol number would be in double digits.

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by Anura Guruge

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