I Finally Subscribed To ‘BritBox’, In Addition To ‘Acorn’ — Primarily For ‘Vera’.

by Anura Guruge

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Yes, we have all become very fond of ‘Vera’ — but Teischan (13, as of yesterday) just ADORES the series. She gets like that … “Downton Abbey“, “Mr. Selfridge”, “Victoria“, “Place to Call Home” etc.

So, when I discovered that Britbox had more ‘Vera‘ episodes I really couldn’t deprive her. So, this was my birthday present to her — though she says that I am just saying that, and I wanted it too. {She, as usual, may have a point.} At $6/month it isn’t as if it will break the bank.

Just watched one episode of ‘Vera’. No problems. Basically the same quality as ‘Acorn‘. So, that is good.

Lot of stuff. Haven’t really browsed all of it. But, will keep you posted.

God save the Queen.

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by Anura Guruge

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