‘Fitbit Inspire HR’ vs ‘Garmin Vivosport’ Step Count. Prepare To Be Amazed.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Spot the difference.

Worn all day, side-by-side. 24-hours. Midnight Friday to Midnight Saturday.

She started wearing them, together, on Thursday,
so we can get a 24-hour reading on Friday.

I have tested it against other watches too.

You can draw your own conclusions. I had a hunch. I needed proof. I started logging steps on an Excel spreadsheet. But, right now, 3-weeks after major knee surgery, I am on crutches. Step counts don’t work too good with crutches.

My wife wears a Garmin Vivosport. So, I convinced her to help me test. She started wearing the Inspire HR on Thursday so that we could get a full day count on Friday. Well, you see the numbers. You make up your own mind.

Both bands needed charging. So, we are not going to test them today, i.e., Saturday. We will try again tomorrow.

My wife was speechless. She has heard me ranting and raving about fake steps. She just thought that it was just I … Now, she saw proof and was AMAZED.

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by Anura Guruge

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