Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg’s Shameless, Disingenuous, Publicity-Stunt 737 MAX Test Flight.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the ‘Reuters’ original.

Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing’s shameless, disingenuous CEO really must think we, the public, are super gullible and stupid.

Wow, he goes on a Boeing 737 MAX MCAS anti-stall software test flight and he wants us to think that this proves that the software is fixed and the plane is now safe.

A publicity stunt worthy of Donald Trump.

This was probably the safest flight ever of a Boeing plane.

Most experienced, best trained flight crew who must have spent hours, beforehand, going through all contingencies. Plus, they probably had multiple senior pilots all ready to back each other up. And I am sure they even had overrides that could be activated from the ground.

Dennis Muilenburg took ZERO risk. He was as safe as houses. What a con artist.

Yes, Boeing’s name has being besmirched by this whole sorry Boeing 737 Max saga. But, Dennis Muilenburg, added to it. I am sure he will have to resign over this at some point. That is my only consolation.

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by Anura Guruge

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