My Friend & Neighbour, ‘Drew Tuttle’ Does Very Well In Today’s Boston Marathon — His 1st Time.

by Anura Guruge

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He came 1st in one of the Boston Qualifier races to secure his place.

This was special. I tried to catch him on TV — to no avail. But, I followed his impressive progress online. The 1:14 time for the ‘half’ got me real excited. That was brilliant. I was e-mailing his time to folks that understand this stuff.

Yes, his father ‘John Tuttle’, ran the Boston Marathon multiple times. But, having Drew run it seemed different. I have known him since he was a kid.

Saw him running last week and wished him luck. Was ‘talking’ to his Mum, via Facebook Messenger, multiple times this morning ahead of the race. She was so glad the rain had stopped/

So, a BIG day for Drew. I am hoping to get some pictures of him running.

Drew Tuttle

Drew Tuttle

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by Anura Guruge

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