One MORE Female Zoo Keeper, The 6th To My Knowledge Since 2013, Attacked By Captive Big Cat; I Blame Hormones.

by Anura Guruge

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This has happened TOO MANY times of late for us to pretend that there is NO connection.

I get grief from women who think I am trying to prevent females from working with Big Cats. Not at all.

I am just stating something that you just cannot overlook. I am NOT an out-and-out expert but I do know some about Big Cats, females and female hormones. I have three daughters and currently live in a house with three females.

Female hormones are powerful entities. And if you THINK that a Big Cat cannot smell changes in female hormones you have been smoking some bad stuff for too long. That is my only point.

I think there is a hormonal connection.

I am familiar with, and have documented 4 instances of such attacks by tigers on female zookeeper, since 2013. They are: Dianna Hanson in California in March 2013, Renee Radziwon of Portland in November 2013, Sarah McClay in the UK in May 2013 and then Rosa King, at Hamerton Zoo Park, also in the UK, in May 2017.

That so many young female zookeepers are being attacked by Big Cats could, of course, all be but an unfortunate coincidence.

BUT, there is something else we should consider. These are all women were still of childbearing age. I think that there is an hormonal connection, something to do with ‘scent’ that tigers and lions can smell. IF you think they can’t smell changes to our scent due to hormonal changes, then you are probably not that familiar even with domestic dogs.

It is something, I think, that should be studied further. We might be able to save some lives of other female zookeepers.

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by Anura Guruge

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