Media Speculation As To Whether The Shameful Sri Lanka Bombing Could Have Been Stopped — PLEASE Forgive Me For Smiling.

by Anura Guruge

This from CNN. Click to access. Google for plenty more.

I know that this is NOT a smiling matter, BUT PLEASE forgive me for doing so.

IF ONLY you knew of the machiavellian machinations of Sri Lanka politics and how devious, corrupt and unscrupulous they can be.

Sri Lanka politics is like the proverbial iceberg. You only see the TIP of it. 90% is cloak-and-dagger.

There is always more to Sri Lanka politics than outsiders will EVER be able to discern or dissect.

So, if you haven’t already read it, PLEASE read my first post on this subject. There is MORE to this than we will EVER KNOW. Do not jump to conclusions.

Click to access my post from April 21, 2019 — THE DAY.

So, this is the MAIN Intelligence document — that was NOT acted upon.

Lots of OLD fashioned date stamps and endorsements by pen.

Just like the documents and files my father, a civil servant, dealt with 50-years ago!

No e-mails?

This is how things get delayed, not acted upon.

Not good.

The red tape of the Sri Lankan government can choke an elephant.

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by Anura Guruge

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