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I Got A ‘Garmin MARQ Expedition’ Today (Trading In My Fenix 5 Plus) & It Is Pretty Cool.

by Anura Guruge

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Garmin MARQ Expedition Anura Guruge May 2019

My Garmin MARQ Expedition on my wrist for the first time.

Saying Goodbye to my trusty Fenix 5 Plus. I will miss it!

The Twelve (12) Trackers I Have Had In The Last 2-Years

The Packing & Box

Yes, I know I am VERY fortunate (but I did a fair amount of writing to earn this). Basically, I did NOT have to pay for it. I traded in my 7-month old (and in IMMACULATE condition) Fenix 5 Plus and called upon ‘virtual $$$s‘ I had banked away for technical & writing services rendered over a 6-month period. Though I now rarely charge folks for my writing, I still get rewarded for it. This is the most visible example.

Impressive watch — but I am not sure whether I would have paid $1,750 for it! Given that I didn’t have to part with any money, at all, at all, it feels GREAT.

The Titanium body looks good and the Italian leather strap does look pretty good.

Now this is nowhere CLOSE to the most expensive watch I have owned. I wore a Rolex, with diamonds on its face, for 26-years. This watch is 1/4 the price of the Rolex.

Garmin has tried to make it upmarket. The box it comes in is HUGE and weights a ‘ton’. The dark gray plastic box (which feels metalish) is about the same size — and looks just like — a 6V lawn mower battery. Garmin is trying to compete with the packaging of high end watches and I am not sure whether they truly succeeded. 15-years ago, I sold my EMPTY Rolex box, since I had no use for it, on eBay for $98! Doubt whether I could get $22 for the empty MARQ box.

Though the straps are 22mm Quick-Fit the black plastic strap they include in the box has ‘larger’ (nicer) wrap-around ends over the Quick-Fit mechanism.

All the screens have been jazzed up and are much more appealing though it is still the same old TIRED display from the original Fenix 5. That is definitely a negative.

It has this ‘Body Battery’ feature, oxygen saturation and fall-detection. I haven’t worn it for long enough to determine if the ‘Body Battery’ or oxygen saturation is for I. For an old guy my oxygen saturation, at 96%+, is adequate.

So, this is my first cut review/impression.

I am GLAD I got it, the WAY I did.

I will keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

Calling The Next ‘Xbox’ ‘All-Digital’ Is Stupid — What They Mean Is ‘Solid State’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access the original ‘Yahoo Finance’ post.

I have never owned or even used an Xbox. Though I started programming in 1969 — or maybe because of that — computer games have never held any appeal. Yes, sure I have played a few and maybe written some rudimentary gaming code, in the 1970s, just to make sure I could do it. But, that is the extent of I and my intersection with computer games.

But, I do KNOW that all Xboxes, from Day 1, have all been DIGITAL. No, no part of it was ever analog — i.e., the opposite of digital.

CD/DVD drives maybe mechanical BUT they are 100% digital — as the ‘Ds’ in their names signify. ‘D’ for digital.

What these folks are trying to say is ‘SOLID STATE’. No moving parts. Everything electronic — no mechanical components bar the BUTTONS.

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by Anura Guruge

The New ‘Garmin Forums’ Are Here — Old Links Will Not Work.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the NEW Landing Page for Garmin Forums.

If you follow the ‘Garmin Forums‘ you would have known that they have been DOWN for about a ‘week’ while they were being moved to a new — and supposedly better — platform.

They are up and running again.

However, only the TOP LEVEL ‘forums.garmin.com‘ URL is the same. So, if you had links to specific Forums, say the Fenix 5 Plus (as I did), they will NOT work. You will have to redo them — as I had to.

The Categories are a bit confusing. Why isn’t the Fenix 5 (Plus) under ‘Sports & Fitness’ — isn’t the Fenix 5 (Plus) Garmin’s premier sports watch?

Anywho … they are BACK.

I didn’t have time today to check them out. Just wanted to make sure they are back.

Hope this helps.

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by Anura Guruge