2019 Cricket World Cup: Appears South Africa Is Going To Torture Me — Has Amla Become A Liability?

by Anura Guruge

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South Africa got a wicket with the 2nd ball of the game, and then they go onto LOSE by 104-runs. Didn’t even make it to the 40-over mark.

Wasn’t their finest ‘hour’.

I hate to say this, BUT I just don’t get them.

Ngidi & Rabada bowl like GIRLS. They are not good enough to bowl throat balls. They disappointed I.

de Kock was GREAT but got out, as he often does, unnecessarily. Shame. If he hung around they might have had a chance.

DEAR, poor Amla worries me. I THINK THE WORLD OF HIM. But, he is struggling and I hate to see that. I think he has got too old to handle genuine Jofra Archer ilk speed, i.e., 90 mph. I think he is having eyesight issues again. Yes, he did well the warm-up game, but they should DROP HIM.

But, still a long way to go. But, it was NOT a good start.

England was bloody impressive. Clinical.

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by Anura Guruge

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