I Have, Not Surprisingly, Ended Up With ‘ActiFace’ Watch Face On My Garmin ‘MARQ Expedition’.

by Anura Guruge

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ActiFace on my MARQ Expedition.

Garmin MARQ Expedition with Crystal Watch Face Anura Guruge

The ‘Crystal’ watch face on my MARQ.

I had been using ‘ActiFace‘ on my Garmin Fenix 5 & Fenix 5 Plus for exactly one-year before I upgraded to the MARQ Expedition.

I had got quite attached to ActiFace once I got it customized exactly the way I wanted it. I had stumbled upon ActiFace accidently. I had been a ‘GearMin‘ fan. But, I discovered that GearMin did not work flawlessly on the Fenix 5. It disabled the DOWN button. That wasn’t good. That is when I found Actiface.

I like digital watch faces. So, the Garmin default analog did not last long.

I tried the new Crystal face. I like it. Just prefer ActiFace more. Gives me much more data, with more color and graphics.

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by Anura Guruge

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