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GPS Track Of My Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (iSUP) Ride On My New ‘Atoll’ 11′ — June 19, 2019 (3rd Ride).

by Anura Guruge

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MARQ Expedition

The GPS tracking from my Garmin MARQ Expedition — which does have SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) APP. I used it for the first time today — on my third ride on this new board.

I am really getting to like, admire and trust the Atoll 11′ stand up paddle board (iSUP) I have only had it since Saturday.

Today was the first day I was not battling a strong wind. The lake was calm and it was fun. The board tracks strong and can move.

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by Anura Guruge

The Higher Price Of A Garmin Leather Strap Is Definitely Justifiable Especially With A ‘Metal’ Body.

by Anura Guruge

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Garmin leather strap MARQ Expedition Anura Guruge

Yes, this Garmin leather strap is on my MARQ Expedition.

Yes, it comes with its own leather strap. But, that is a rather special, EXPENSIVE strap.

Original leather strap on the MARQ Expedition.

Though Garmin says that the strap will AGE with grace, I rather not wear in 24×7 and get it wet more than it needs to.

Yes, the MARQ also comes with its own, special — bigger shouldered — silicone strap (in black).

But, I prefer a leather strap on the MARQ.

I tried two CHEAP leather straps from Amazon. Big mistake.

The brown one chafed against the titanium body and also scratched easily.

The black one has a metal fitting that rubs against the body.

So, I learned. The Garmin costs more, BUT you get a much, much, much better leather strap. Yes, I have already showered with it and it dries in minutes.

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by Anura Guruge

Summer Solstice 2019 In New Hampshire Will Be At 11:54 am (Eastern) On Friday, June 21.

by Anura Guruge

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Pretty close to noon this year.
Kind of neat.
Most of us will be able to watch for it.

IF you pay real close attention
you can feel the Earth making the turn!



Days start getting shorter — and I hate that.

To I, it means Winter is on the way.

11:54 am Eastern in the USA — 15:54 (or 03:54 pm) GMT.

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Last Three Year.

https://nhlifefree.com/2015/06/17/summer-solstice-2015-in-new-hampshire-will-be-on-sunday-june-21-2015-1239-pm-eastern-1639-gmt-fathers-day-also-2/Related Posts:
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by Anura Guruge