I Am Going To STOP Buying Japanese Cameras Because They Restarted Commercial Whaling!

by Anura Guruge

As of today I am going to STOP buying Japanese cameras, lenses, printers & cars.

I am NOT joking.

Definitely NOT buying anymore Japanese cameras. PROMISE.

Click image to access original article. Google ‘whale’ for more.

Click image to access this post.

I really am SO, SO angry.

Killing whales is so unnecessary. The demand for whale meat in Japan has even FALLEN.

Yes, I fully appreciate that we kill other animals for meat, but the majority of that is ‘farm’ animals.

The despicable Japanese. They never learn. Greedy, heartless, no-shame BASTARDS, Well, we know how they acted prior to and during WW II. They have not changed. Alas.

I am hoping that the sea will enact its revenge! You work that one out. Killing whales, natures beautiful gift to us.

And, alas, not being a vegetarian I do see their point. But, whales? Can’t we control our urges.

I really hope that countries exact sanctions against them. That is all they understand. Money, money, money.

I have to start boycotting Japanese products.

Doesn’t matter that they, damn them, have a monopoly on cameras. I will stop by cameras! I am NOT joking. I am deadly serious.

Damn the Japanese.

I guess I will have to start thinking Hasselblad! {SMILE}

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by Anura Guruge

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